Develop a strong emotional bond with your children

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Attached at the Heart

The program -Attached at the heart –is based on the book ‘Attached at the Heart – 8 proven principles to raise connected and compassionate children’ from Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker, who are the creators of Attachment Parenting International.

The workshop is based on Attachment Theory as developed, by the British psychiatrist John Bowlby and is addressed to couples who are preparing, expecting or already have one or more babies at home.

During the workshop we are going to talk about several practices that help us attune into the baby’s needs with compassion and empathy. We are going to explore the 8 basic principles of Attachment Parenting that concern issues around:

    1. The preparation for pregnancy, birth and parenting.
    2. Feeding the baby.
    3. Responding with empathy.
    4. The importance of physical contact (touch, hugging, baby massage, baby wearing etc.).
    5. Sleep and safe co-sleeping.
    6. Daily care and crying.
    7. Positive discipline.
    8. The role of balance in self-care and family life.

10 sessions of 2 hours each (20 hours)

It is possible to deliver the workshop in 3 days (20 hours)