Enjoy your group meetings with the presence of an NonViolent Communication facilitator

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Facilitation & Consultancy

A group of different people contains a wider range of ideas, information, skills and a higher total intelligence than a single person. For collective intelligence to emerge, in a mentally and physically safe, inclusive and caring environment for all, people need processes that promote self-care, connection, effective communication and cooperation.

Stella works side by side with independent teams, social projects and organizations that wish to include qualities of NonViolence in their processes. She serves as a consultant and facilitator during meetings, decision making, conflict resolution and more.

Stella has also received training in the Art of Hosting and in the Organisation and Management of Social Projects (AUEB).

Some basic skills that we work on during NVC Sessions & Trainings include:


    • listening deeper to ourselves and others, focusing on listening for elements that help us understand rather than judge
    • expressing honestly, in a way that looks after the connection with our values and respects the other
    • asking clearly what we want, considering the other, remaining open to hearing ‘no’ response for us
    • saying ‘no’ to prioritize important needs, say it with care for the other and stay responsive to feelings that comes up
    • self-connection in difficult dialogues
    • connecting compassionately with our anger, guilt, and shame
    • interrupting people with confidence and care for them in order to protect presence and authentic connection
    • giving, receiving and asking for meaningful and respectful feedback
    • being more present
    • giving space to celebration and mourning