Choose Empathy

Nonviolent Communication

Explore important issues through the lens of NonViolent Communication


Private Sessions

All private sessions offer an empathic space which people can use to investigate anything that matters to them through the eyes of NonViolent Communication.

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Mediation – Conflict resolution

NVC mediation supports conflict with a series of tools and qualities that can turn it into a place of connection which leads to decisions that care for everyone’ s needs.

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Facilitation & Consultancy

A group of different people contains a wider range of ideas, information, skills and a higher total intelligence than a single person.

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Practice Groups

Practice groups are based on NVC principles and provide a safe space to practice through exercises, role plays and explore real everyday life and hypothetical situations.



Stella organizes many individual trainings. Also, upon request, in cooperation with groups, organizations, schools and other institutions.

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Attachment Parenting

The program -Attached at the heart –is based on the book ‘Attached at the Heart – 8 proven principles to raise connected and compassionate children’ from Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker, who are the creators of Attachment Parenting International.

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“Stella ‘s presence supported us to carry out difficult conversations and encouraged us to rethink the processes we use, the way we organise things and most importantly the way we communicate between us.”

“As journalists, we are often called to record the traumatic and difficult stories of other people. Stella has showed us the way to look after ourselves & our team in order to be able to stand by other people with empathy. “

“After our meetings with Stella we are more open to give and receive feedback between us.”

“With NonViolent Communication we learned not to fear or avoid conflicts.”