With the tools of NonViolent Communication conflicts transform into opportunities for connection

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Mediation – Conflict resolution with NVC

In our culture we are used to perceiving conflicts as something ‘bad’ that needs to be avoided or like a ‘contest’ with a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’. When there is a conflict we tend to focus on ‘who is right’ ‘who is wrong’ ‘who’s side we should take’ ‘who should be punished’ etc.

In all conflicts whether they take place in a family, couple, workplace, divorce, school, neighborhood, when we approach conflict in this way, everyone has a lot to lose.

With NVC we view conflict as an opportunity for connection.

NVC mediation supports conflict with a series of tools and qualities that can turn it into a place of connection which leads to decisions that care for everyone’ s needs.

The mediator is a person who can remain neutral and has the tools and skills to create a safe space and lead the process towards better communication and deeper connection.

Some basic skills that we work on during NVC Sessions & Trainings include:


    • listening deeper to ourselves and others, focusing on listening for elements that help us understand rather than judge
    • expressing honestly, in a way that looks after the connection with our values and respects the other
    • asking clearly what we want, considering the other, remaining open to hearing ‘no’ response for us
    • saying ‘no’ to prioritize important needs, say it with care for the other and stay responsive to feelings that comes up
    • self-connection in difficult dialogues
    • connecting compassionately with our anger, guilt, and shame
    • interrupting people with confidence and care for them in order to protect presence and authentic connection
    • giving, receiving and asking for meaningful and respectful feedback
    • being more present
    • giving space to celebration and mourning

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