In private sessions we explore anything that matters to us through the eyes of NonViolent Communication

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All private sessions offer an empathic space which people can use to investigate anything that matters to them through the eyes of NonViolent Communication. Conversation, exercises and role plays are only some of the tools we use to learn to connect to feelings and needs in ourselves and others. In time, people cultivate their NVC consciousness and develop a series of practical communication and connection skills.


Private sessions are for people who wish to have a deeper connection with themselves as well as work on their relationships with others. 

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NVC can help us gain a deeper understanding of our inner world and give us clarity around everyday situations. Exploring needs and new strategies to meet those needs, can provide us with new ideas about how to deal with life in a more effective and human friendly way.


Romantic relationships can be a challenge for many of us. We usually enter a relationship with a deep longing to experience connection, flow, empathy, understanding, warmth, acceptance, belonging and so much more.

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Sessions are addressed to couples that wish to deepen their connection and learn to communicate (listen & speak) with respect.

Sessions can be short (6-10) or long term (no fixed ending). Short term sessions focus on specific ‘difficult’ subjects that the couple wishes to discuss in a safe environment that can be created with the presence and support of a facilitator/mediator.

In long term sessions, couples can use the time for communication and connection as well as training and practice.

The word ‘couple’ here is referred to all gender identities and any combination of two people who are in a relationship.


NonViolent Communication adopts a peaceful approach to child rearing. It is addressed to parents who want to build deep, long-lasting and meaningful relationships with their children.

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With NVC everyday situations that come up with children (e.g., concerning food, sleep, saying no, anger / frustration, conflict etc.) are faced with empathic presence, dialogue and cooperation.

In the sessions, parents learn to refrain from using threats, punishments, praise, guilt and shame. They learn to deeply connect with their child’s feelings, needs and developmental stages and organize life in a way that cares for the needs of everyone within the family.

A healthy relationship with the child is seen as a relationship of respect, connection and cooperation that the parent has the responsibility and skills to teach the child. This happens every day, with every decision, word, look, touch.

In her work with parents, Stella takes a lot of inspiration from more peaceful parenting approaches, Attachment Parenting and Interpersonal Neurobiology-Dan Siegel.


Good practice for professionals who work with humans means not only knowing one’s job but also having a respectful human relationship with clients and coworkers. It is often the added quality of empathy and communication skills that will make a professional distinguish in her/his field.

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When working with humans, professionals often come into touch with clients who may be feeling vulnerable, facing difficult situations and experiencing intense feelings.

Emotional intelligence, empathy, communication skills, capacity for self -connection and space for intense feelings promote a psychologically healthy environment for everyone who is present (professionals, clients, other staff).

It is not unusual for difficulties in the workplace to concern relationship rather than the actual content of the work.

In this type of sessions, we create a lot of space for reflection and understanding around everyday events in the workplace. The person can bring anything that is alive in them and dive into it with the tools of NVC. Building awareness and developing NVC skills and alternatives to automatic behaviour offers a real professional growth.

Sessions are for any professional who wishes to develop in the area of human relationships.

Some professions that can benefit from NVC include speech therapists, occupational therapists, special educators, psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, nurses, midwives, doulas, lawyers, teachers, social workers, alternative therapists and more.

Some incidents that may be a motive include:

    • Repeated or unresolved conflicts with clients or coworkers.
    • Clients that go through periods of crisis and experience intense feelings.
    • Signs of depression, stress and/or burn out.

Some basic skills that we work on during NVC Sessions & Trainings include:


    • listening deeper to ourselves and others, focusing on listening for elements that help us understand rather than judge
    • expressing honestly, in a way that looks after the connection with our values and respects the other
    • asking clearly what we want, considering the other, remaining open to hearing ‘no’ response for us
    • saying ‘no’ to prioritize important needs, say it with care for the other and stay responsive to feelings that comes up
    • self-connection in difficult dialogues
    • connecting compassionately with our anger, guilt, and shame
    • interrupting people with confidence and care for them in order to protect presence and authentic connection
    • giving, receiving and asking for meaningful and respectful feedback
    • being more present
    • giving space to celebration and mourning

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