Access a range of resources with material on NonViolent Communication

Marshall Rosenberg

Watch an Introduction to NonViolent Communication from Marshall Rosenberg

Introduction: Purpose of NonViolent Communication

Expressing needs and demands

Passive listening to our interlocutor

Expressing and receiving gratitude

Connection Kit

From Parents to Lovers

If you are a couple and also parents, then this Kit is designed for you. The Connection Kit aims to help you find each other again as a couple or to connect at a deeper level. It consists of exercises, guidance and tools and is designed to start you on a path of reconnection where you find your own practices that support you.

Read More and get access to it here.

Resources for NonViolent Communication practice

Grok the world

Grok the world is a company that makes beautifully designed products that invite deep and authentic conversations…as well as playful and engaging interactions. People all over the globe are using GROK products to get to the heart of what matters most.

If you want to know more about Grok Products and buy yours press here.

Enrich your vocabulary with Feelings and Needs

Feelings and Needs lists can help you enrich your language as well as cultivate skills in guessing other people’s feelings and needs. Everytime you want deeper understanding of yourselves and others go through the lists and come in touch what is really important!

Download your CNVC feelings list here.

Journalism & Mental Health

For journalists in Greece, the pandemic has been added to a long list of events that have marked the country over the last fifteen years, which have caused people working in the industry to face multiple challenges, and oftentimes deal with overly stressful situations which test the limit of their endurance.

Solomon collaborated with Stella Koukougianni for the creation of a “toolkit” for Journalism and Mental Health.

Download the ‘toolkit’ for free here.